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Decode Your Menstrual Cycle Phases to Boost Productivity Use your body’s natural cycle (or follow the moon) to be productive all month long.

Top Five Fitness Myths BUSTED! Learn what beliefs are holding you back from crushing your fitness goals

Top Ten Tips for Fitting in Fitness These ideas for more meaningful movement work for even the busiest person

Running Strong After 40 Ten strategies to keep you fit, balanced, and injury-free

26 Reasons to Love Your Body: A journaling exercise in body positivity

Drops in the Bucket List: A journaling exercise in gratitude


Hear from Coach Karen herself as she speaks about various women’s fitness, health, and wellness topics. Download one now!

Body Blessing Meditation– Take 10 minutes to remember all the good your body has done for you

Naked Talk with UnProcessed Jess– Peri, Peri Quite Contrary: The realities of perimenopause

Wellthier Together with Dr. Blessing– Navigating Perimenopause & Pregnancy as times of change

Wellness Plus- Two conversations to choose from! Hacking Metabolism; Is slow metabolism genetic? OR The Perfect Balance: Fitness, Diet, Stress and Sleep

Running Rogue– Running and Pregnancy: A real mom’s voice

Life Around the Coffee Cup– Self-Care as a way to honor your individuality

Type A Parent– Fit in Fitness: Desk-bound workers and meaningful movement

Passion to Prosperity– Coach Karen’s road to living and coaching a wellness lifestyle

Lose the Cape– Three busy moms laugh and talk about fitting in fitness into the reality of life


Fit in Fitness: A Five Day Challenge A FREE ecourse to jumpstart your fitness plan

Am I In Perimenopause? Coach Karen explains some key ideas for understanding how & why life in your 40s looks like it does


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